Elemental Technology for Building Real-Time Businesses

At the intersection of ingenuity and technology, there is Lotus Interworks. We are sharpening the present and illuminating the future, creating elemental technology to build real-time businesses.


Foundational voice communications technology enables all the features of modern corporate phone systems to be available to anyone, anywhere. Based on recent Web 2.0 technology advances, Tungsten's patent-pending features include scalable distributed architecture and integration of phone communications with web services that have become essential for productive living.


Collaboration technology to improve the productivity of online meetings. Cobalt's patent-pending features reduce time to coordinate attendance and attendees and create custom online meeting rooms dynamically for breakouts, training, sales and depositions.


Process and content technology to plan, orchestrate and deploy automated or labor-intensive campaigns. Patent-pending features include real-time instrumentation to monitor productivity and costs.


Foundational workflow technology enabling real-time dispatch of work to agents integrated with all communication modes like voice, IM and email. Monitor and track agent or worker activities and compute wages and commissions in real time. Patent-pending features include workflow activity models, script authoring, script navigation, automatic activity tracking and rating.


Multimedia content server for providing audio, text and video content on devices such as wireless phones and wired or wireless netbooks. Patent-pending features include device detection and instrumentation for tracking on-network or off-network user behavior. Nitrogen can transform content for deployment across more devices than any other platform.


Search refinement and customization technology. Scalable to millions of custom searches an hour, Sodium enables targeted and purpose-driven search. Patent-pending features include tools to gather, organize, display, and track actions and decisions made on search results.


Client-based technology deployed on more than 400 types of wireless phone models. Hydrogen can be deployed across devices used by more than a billion users today. The reach of Hydrogen is infinitely larger than either Amazon's Kindle or Apple's iPhone.